The Official DG Super Hero t-shirt

from Darling Gunsel


These are 100% cotton blend American Apparel T-shirts, in clean, cool black. They have the DG logo in neon blue on the front and they make you look like a super sleek, musical super hero (at least that's what we think).

ships out within 5 days

  $20 USD



Darling Gunsel San Francisco, California

Fresh from the success of Ejector - iconic San Francisco band, and winner of the SF Guardians Best Local Band Award in 2010 - Ricky Terry and Dr Scott decided to embark on a fresh music project, this time with a female vocalist.

In January 2012, they found New Zealand songstress Jezabel, renamed themselves Darling Gunsel after the term for a mischievous, gun-toting youth.
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